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Dr.Ankit Bhojani

Dr Ankit P Bhojani

MBBS, MD (Consultant Physician)

Adept consultant physician with eight solid years of practical and academic experience. Dedicated to exemplary patient outcomes and following all necessary medical procedures with the use of the latest industry equipment and technology.

Strong focus on listening to and addressing patient concerns and answering all questions in terms patients can easily understand. Willingness to work with all members of the medical team and listen to their suggestions and input to improve results and maximize patient satisfaction.

Specialized as an internal medicine resident is well experienced with a range of health issues and a wide spectrum of patients from adolescents to geriatric, critical care medicine , diabetes care ,infectious and preventive disease.

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What Our Customer Says

Avilasha Joshi
15. August, 2022.
Thanks to him for the treatment of viral fever for my entire family, really grateful to have such an approachable doctor.
Ankush Raja
15. August, 2022.
I would say that this is one of the best MD physician in Rajajinagar Bangalore.....
Dr. Pavankumar Rasalkar
13. August, 2022.
Excellent Physicain. Treats all my family members
Richi Patel
4. August, 2022.
Very approachable doctor, attended my call midnight for my fathers chest pain . Really greatful for timely advise .
Aadi Shah
26. July, 2022.
Went to doctor for my mother's high BP , my mother feels way better by just the way he explained everything Really humble and knowledgeable Dr
Vinod Yadav
21. July, 2022.
Taking treatment for my hypertension and diabetes since 3 months from Dr Ankit Genuine and a polite physician.
Surendra Ray
19. July, 2022.
My mother had severe diabetic foot with very high sugars ,now after the insulin treatment and regular foot care. her foot is healing and her sugar level is well under control now thanks to Dr Ankit .Very polite staffs at unique diagnostic.
Kartick Hansda
14. July, 2022.
Satisfied with the staff and quick service at unique rajajinagar Dr Ankit has been treating my family since last 2 years All of us have taken treatment for covid 19 from him . My family is blessed to have someone like him during these tough times .